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Why do Relationships End?

There are always two sides to a story. The lie and the truth! Have you ever wondered why relationships never last? People don't realize that it takes two people who are going to communicate and work through tough times together. Not saying anyone have to put up with people's mess just to stick around but are you going to let something small tear down something good? Everyone says differently until they are put in that situation to choose whether they want to stay or leave. Something so small could be a big deal to the next person because not all people feel the same when something upsets them. Do you apologize at that moment when you upset your friend, spouse, or significant other, or do you brush it off and hope they get over it? If you can fix it, then fix it and if not, then let it go. No one wants to be in a relationship when they aren't happy. If someone wants to be with you or in your presence, they will show you without making you question the relationship that you both have. Watch out for those signs because a person shows you who they are, whether they're good intentions or bad ones.

Notice how when someone is happy in a relationship, there's always someone or something that causes it to go wrong. Believe it or not, that's what life is about, no one is meant to be perfect. Sometimes, it doesn't have to be a person causing drama in your relationship. It could be you or your spouse causing problems for yourselves because neither of you knows how to communicate with one another about how you feel. If no one ever talks about what's bothering them, then there will be so much anger building up inside until that one day that person decides that they've had enough and let it all out. Don't be in a situation-ship because you are afraid to be alone. Deep down, if you know you've done all you could to save that fairytale, and your friend, spouse, or significant other doesn't show improvement on their end, then you need to be strong enough to walk away and not look back. Whichever decision that you decide you want to choose; someone is always going to support you no matter what. If you want it, then you have to stand up for yourself. If you want out, then just know it does take courage to make that big decision. In the meantime, heal in the process and focus on something that will keep you from looking back at your past.

We are so caught up in letting everyone get two, three, and four chances or more because they tell us that they are going to change and do better. When you give a person another chance, they come back to do the same thing twice as bad as before. Stop being in denial when you know a person isn't treating you right and stop covering up for their lying and hiding behind closed doors trying to protect the truth. Relationships end because we as humans want power over one another and want to show the dominance that we have instead of being equal. There isn't anything a man or woman could do better than the other. If we had the option to put all the women in the same category, and all the men in the same category and give each other the same opportunity, the task will still get completed no matter how complicated it was. You have to talk to a person to know and understand each other and what their limits are. If you want to be that man or woman, you have to lead and protect and not lead to control. When it's a relationship, you have to take responsibility for your actions and not blame the other for something that you have going on.

Lack of trust, lack of communication, disrespect, and lack of support could cause a relationship to end. It doesn't matter how happy someone was when they first started dating. If your friend, spouse, partner, or whoever you have a relationship with doesn't feel like you support, respect, or even trust them, then the relationship is going to fail, and it will go down the drain. Why must we let the other person suffer because we aren't happy? If you know that you're the reason why your relationship isn't where it should be then, why lie to other people blaming your spouse, and try to manipulate the situation when you know that you are the problem. We should build up one another and show them that we are here for them no matter what. Making a person feel less because you have a little more than they do will not end with a happy ending. Let's motivate each other and uplift the soul instead of tearing one another down. If you want to be free and be with someone else or the relationship you currently have with that person isn't what you thought it would be, then why stay somewhere when you are not happy.

Both men and women go through a struggle when battling with a person who wants to control everything that goes on within their relationships. No one has to feel ashamed for whatever they go through because everyone has to go through a troubling time with people that were supposed to protect them. Never be afraid to leave or feel like you need someone because you both build a bond, and they once made you feel safe. People will make a person feel like they need them, and that no one else is going to treat them better. There are many people out there supporting those who are afraid to admit the truth, and whoever feels like the world is going to be against them. Some people are silent and scared to ask for help when they may feel someone is judging them by what others see on the outside. We pretend that everything is good, but deep down we know what goes on behind closed doors. Never let anyone make you feel less of a woman or man, and have you blind to the fact that every little thing they tell you will get better over time just to make you stay. Don't let that person be you! So, which is it? Are you the one that lies and manipulates your way out of the relationship, or are you the one who tries to save it, and speak the truth by being honest to yourself when you know you're being lied to?

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