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If I try, I will Succeed

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Have you ever felt like you can't achieve the goals you set after telling someone what you are trying to accomplish?

Notice when you set goals for yourself to achieve, but suddenly you feel like it's a waste of time? It's the lack of encouragement and the motivation you have as a support team. If you want to achieve something you have to set your mind to do it. People have to have the right people to support them and motivate them the right way. Most people don't realize that even if you think people have good intentions, some people are praying you never get ahead. Rather than uplifting you, motivating and encouraging you, they pray against you. Watch who you let in your circle, and watch who you tell your goals to. There have been numerous times people will say they were doing so well at a point in their life, and all of sudden they start to fail.

Start by accomplishing what you can accomplish without letting everyone know what you are trying to achieve. Find trust in those that give you great energy, and who encourage you to keep pushing forward. At times our instincts will tell us and show us red flags that we tend to look over. Whether we as humans trying to achieve our goals in the wrong way and not succeed, or simply telling our plans to people we thought we can trust just for them to take our very plan and use it to their advantage. Never let your pride get in the way, and never let someone tell you that you can't do something because it didn't work for them. Remain focused because anything you set your mind to do, you will do it, and you will accomplish it!

Humble yourself and take one step at a time. Continue to push yourself every day! Never stop and never give up because someone is watching you and seeing you as a role model. Stand on your own and do what you believe is right. Fight harder than the day before and build a legacy for not only you but your kids and family as well. Never be defeated but be undefeated and reach those goals.

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