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This Could Be You

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Who's stopping you? No one is stopping you, but you! We're so caught up in the blame game and blame everyone except ourselves. From the parents, to your friends and people we don't even know personally. As a child, you could've put your parents at fault. Why? It was their duties to teach and educate you while you were young. Now, you're responsible for your own actions and decisions. You can't blame anyone else, but yourself because we are old enough to make choices that will benefit us. Instead of sitting around waiting for someone to hand you the opportunity to become successful, Get up and go get it done yourself. God has made ways for us to live the life that we dreamed of since we were children. Believe it or not some may believe in him and some may not, and again that's your decision.

Wake up people, you only got one life to live! Have you ever wonder why celebrities, or families that was born with the silver the spoon can buy what they want and it doesn't matter what the cost is? You guessed it! They have multiple sources of income. They invest their money and time to keep the flow going. Not one child has to work unless they want to because they will always be entitled to their parents compensation. Everyone wants this for their children, and this could very well be you. Stop making excuses for what others have done to you and you're holding that as a reason to be in the predicament that you are in. Give them a reason to wish they never even crossed your path. Forget and forgive and move on.

It's time to think about ourselves and our situation and how we want better for our children. No one else is going to be there for you when you're down. People may say that you can call on them when you need something. The moment you call on them with that favor that you need from them, they tell you, "hey yes I can help you"! Then the next day you're wondering why so many people looking at you and talking about you because they love to see you down. Not all people talk about you, but it's those that you thought were your friends, family, or whoever you thought you can call on when you are down. You can get the same help from someone that don't even know you and build you back up. When you become successful, people are still going to talk about you.

Starting today! What are you going to do about it? Prove them wrong and show them you aren't the same person you were months ago. Then you watch and see how many people come running back to your feet when you boss up! You are who you are because of you!

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